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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mountain Province politics 2010 online poll survey

2:49 AM

Online Poll survey for Baguio City from Congressman down to the City Councilors is now open. Show your support by voting at www.baguiocitypolitics.blogspot.com.

The recently concluded poll survey showed a participation of more than 6000 online votes. However, some sectors wanted a Baguio alone poll survey where a particular niche for onliners from baguio can be established thus the result will be more accurate for a political "preference".

This poll survey is open fron February 05 - March 25, 2010 only and this time the calendar will be followed strictly since it is already a niche poll survey.

Also, poll survey for online voters for Benguet, Ifugao, Mt.Province, Kalinga, Abra, Ilocos etc are already running with the same period of coverage as shown above.

And as always, let me reiterate that the result of this online poll survey will only show "preference" and is not accurate as to the final result of the 2010 elections.

Show your participation, go to www.watwatworld.com or www.mountainprovincepolitics.blogspot.com to vote.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


9:16 PM


For Provincial Governor

1. Louis Claver, Jr. (Liberal Party)
2. Harry Dominguez (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
3. Ezra Samson Gomez (Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino)
4. Marcial Lawilao, Jr. (Lapiang Manggagawa)
5. Loenard Mayaen (Nacionalista Party)
6. Albert Padayos (Independent)

For Provincial Vice-Governor

1. Bonifacio Lacwasan, Jr. (Independent)
2. Glenn Manao (Independent)
3. Arbee Talastas (Independent)

For Provincial Board Member
First District

1. Cyril Bacala ( Lakas Kampi CMD)
2. Marcelino Balaso, Jr. (Nacionalista Party)
3. Larry Banganan (Independent)
4. Florencio Carlos (Liberal Party)
5. Dionisio Chungalan (Nacionalista Party)
6. Ciriaco Filog (Liberal Party)
7. Jimmy Galingan (Lakas Kampi CMD)
8. Alfonso Kiat-ong, Sr. (Lakas Kampi CMD)
9. Raul Lapon (Nacionalista Party)
10. Johny Lausan (Independent)
11. Cariño Tamang (Lakas Kampi CMD)
12. Reynaldo Tawaran (Independent)

For Provincial Board Member
Second District

1. Randolph Awisan (Nacionalista Party)
2. Salvador Dalang (Liberal Party)
3. Sorero Gullod
4. Alexander Maday-a (Nationalist Peoples Coalition)
5. Carmelita Masidong (Independent)
6. Constito Masweng (Lakas Kampi CMD)
7. Michael Patting (Independent)
8. Joseph Solang (Lakas Kampi CMD)

For Member, House of Representatives

1. Maximo Dalog (Lakas Kampi CMD)
2. Jupiter Dominguez (Independent)
3. Thomas Perry Killip (Independent)
4. Franklin Odsey (Aksyon Demokratiko)
5. Arnulfo Pilando (Independent)


For Mayor
1. Ferdinand Charaychay (Liberal Party)
2. Albert Kiwan (Independent)
3. Edmundo Sidchayao (Nacionalista Party)

For Vice-Mayor
1. Pio Cupasan (National People’s Coalition)
2. Benjamin Pinos-an (Nacionalista Party)

For Councilor
1. Roosevelt Aggao (Independent)
2. Ulysis Akinchang (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
3. Donald Alubia (Independent)
4. Federico Awe (Independent)
5. Ben Banya-ao (Nacionalista Party)
6. Giles Batan (Independent)
7. Elyo Bumacas (Independent)
8. Fernando Cablog (Nacionalista Party)
9. John Challoy (Independent)
10. Genesis Changilan (Nacionalista Party)
11. Juda Chattom (Independent)
12. Rimar Chorawan (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
13. Romeo Cofin (Nacionalista Party)
14. Jeb Constancio (Lakas Kampi CMD)
15. Rockybal Dakillay (Nacionalista Party)
16. Marlo Dela Cruz (Independent)
17. Apolonio Fiarangot (Independent)
18. Benedicto Fiarokat (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
19. Delio Focad (Independent)
20. Manaces Joseph (Lapiang Manggagawa)
21. Ireneo Kacayon (Independent)
22. Simon Layong (Liberal Party)
23. Douglas Llopis (Independent)
24. Jolenda Lomas-e (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
25. Rudy Longid (Independent)
26. James Machang (Independent)
27. Isidro Masong (Nacionalista Party)
28. Abellardo Mokimog (Independent)
29. Simplicio Nabunat (Independent)
30. Ayson Naulgan (Independent)
31. Clark Ngaya (Nacionalista Party)
32. Alma Pangsiw (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
33. Witfield Panitic (Nacionalista Party)
34. Patrick Pul-agan (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
35. Felipe Thompson (Independent)
36. Francisco Tigcangay (Independent)


For Mayor
1. Abraham Akilit (Liberal Party)
2. Simon Lacwasan (Lakas Kampi CMD)

For Vice-Mayor
1. Rafael Bulasoy (Independent)
2. Rodolfo Patnaan (Independent)
3. Jose Tanggacan (Nacionalista Party)

For Councilor
1. Cayetano Andres (Independent)
2. Romualdo Awisan (Independent)
3. Bartolome Badecao (Lakas Kampi CMD)
4. John Badongen (Independent)
5. Bartolome Banaken (Independent)
6. Tomas Sandao (Nacionalista Party)
7. Andres Bantasan (Independent)
8. Melchor Belit (Independent)
9. Nestor Bernardez (Independent)
10. Delfin Bosoen (Independent)
11. Jimmy Cajigan (Independent)
12. Michael Calde (Independent)
13. Mario Dengwas (Independent)
14. Edwin Dominguez (Independent)
15. Samuel Dulipas (Independent)
16. Calixto Gamlosen (Independent)
17. Mario Gaoken (Independent)
18. Anita Gawec (Independent)
19. Juan Malinias (Independent)
20. Norman Marquez (Independent)
21. Cornelio Matias (Independent)
22. Romeo Pagedped (Independent)
23. Luis Paicot (Independent)
24. Willy Pasngadan (Nacionalista Party)
25. Gregorio Payangdo (Independent)
26. Eduardo Pocais (Independent)
27. Sabado Pussan (Nacionalista Party)
28. Ricky Samidan (Independent)
29. Pio Siti (Independent)
30. Arcadio Taganas, Sr. (Independent)


For Mayor
1. Pablo Dicdican (Independent)
2. Wellington Pooten (Lakas Kampi CMD)

For Vice-Mayor
1. John Antiyag (Independent)
2. Barry Baliaga (Independent)
3. David Bellang (Lakas Kampi CMD)

For Councilor
1. John Allidem (Independent)
2. James Anton (Independent)
3. Paulino Balbawang (Independent)
4. Ernesto Balwang (Independent)
5. Esteban Beswayan (Independent)
6. William Beswilan (Lakas Kampi CMD)
7. Alfredo Beyden (Independent)
8. Rosaria Bomas-ang (Independent)
9. Joaquin Busacay (Lakas Kampi CMD)
10. Gerry Caysoen (Independent)
11. Romeo Cogasi (Independent)
12. Susan Dakiwas (Independent)
13. Ramon Doyayag (Independent)
14. Orville Estangki (Lakas Kampi CMD)
15. Gilbert Ibayan (Independent)
16. Joel Lacsigen (Lakas Kampi CMD)
17. June Lapsoten (Independent)
18. Marcos Mangallay (Lakas Kampi CMD)
19. Ben Marrero (Independent)
20. Evangeline Pasiwen (Lakas Kampi CMD)
21. Thomas Pasiwen (Independent)
22. Policarpio Pekas (Independent)
23. James Pocais (Independent)
24. Daguio Pokkis (Lakas Kampi CMD)
25. Doroteo Santong (Lakas Kampi CMD)
26. Vicente Sapguian (Independent)
27. Gertrude Songaben (Independent)
28. Jaime Tao-ing (Independent)
29. Sylvia Yongaan (Independent)


For Mayor
1. John Diaz (Independent)
2. Siegh Fred Fatongkeg
3. Pascual Sacgaca
4. Florence Taguiba (Nacionalista Party)

For Vice-Mayor
1. William Aspilan
2. Bryan Byrd Bellang

For Councilor
1. Ignacio Afidchao
2. Herbert Awichen (Independent)
3. Benedict Ayochok
4. Romel Banganan
5. Ferdinand Castañeda
6. Benjamin Castro ( LAKAS NUCD-UMDP)
7. George Cawed
8. Mario Cayabo (Independent)
9. Chakas Ricardo
10. Chanasen Luke (Independent)
11. Moses Comaad
12. Alejandro Donato, Jr.
13. Rufino Fagyan
14. Alexander Fakat, Sr.
15. Eva Mila Fana-ang
16. Milagros Fang-asan (Independent)
17. Herman Farnican
18. James Fayofay
19. Eusebio Kabluyen
20. Joseph Kiluyen
21. Francis Limog
22. Arthur Malecdan
23. Constancio Miranda (Nacionalista Party)
24. Benjamin Ngeteg
25. Mathew Oakes
26. Wilbert Padngaran
27. Arnold Palomo
28. John Pelew
29. Timothy Pongad, Jr. (Independent)
30. Clement Sokoken
31. Anthony Sumcad
32. Daniel Tudlong (Liberal Party)
33. Jerome Tudlong, Jr. (LAKAS NUCD-UMDP)
34. Reynaldo Waytan
35. Mariano Way-yas


For Mayor
1. Patrick Baguingan (Independent)
2. Juanito Cafongtan (Independent)
3. Mateo Chiyawan (Liberal Party)
4. Juan For-og (Lakas Kampi CMD)

For Vice-Mayor
1. Rodolfo Liwanen
2. Mataram Lumines (Nacionalista Party)
3. Fernando Magranga (Independent)

For Councilor
1. George Annayo (Independent)
2. Eduardo Aswat (Independent)
3. Abel Bagsao
4. Gregorio Baguingan (Lakas Kampi CMD)
5. Aloy Banasan (Independent)
6. Adamson Banggollay (Lakas Kampi CMD)
7. Claro Basilan (Nacionalista Party)
8. Christopher Bayowan (Independent)
9. Marcos Chaclag (Indpendent)
10. Leonel Dulay (Lakas Kampi CMD)
11. Efren Dumalsin (Independent)
12. Cecilio Ewangan (Independent)
13. Elvis Fiangachen (Independent)
14. Vidastos Focao (Independent)
15. Basilio Fongayao (Independent)
16. Daniel Langbisan (Independent)
17. Jaime Latiga (Independent)
18. Fernandez Linggayo (Independent)
19. Alfredo Lucas (Independent)
20. Grailian Magannon (Independent)
21. Carlos Maggonga (Independent)
22. Montano Maidun (Independent)
23. Reagan Naofiag (Independent)
24. Rene Nasuchod (Independent)
25. Ronald Oyang-o (Independent)
26. Jerome Pangosfian (Independent)
27. Patrick Pangoyna
28. Crispin Pusao (Lakas Kampi CMD)
29. Ray Salwagan (Independent)
30. Elisio Tamangen (Lakas NUCD UMDP)
31. Mary-ann Tangchor (Nacionalista Party)
32. Froilan Tarnate (Independent)


For Mayor
1. Casiano Agagon (Independent)
2. Pedro Almeda, Sr. (Lakas Kampi CMD)
3. Avelino Amangyen (Independent)
4. Rogelio Banggot (Independent)
5. Ernesto Gunday, Sr. (Independent)
6. Mario Madanom (PMP)
7. Emilio Pinangga (Independent)
8. Luke Wanason (Independent)

For Vice-Mayor
1. Marcelo Ambatali (Independent)
2. Antonio Cayyog (Independent)
3. Norma Rafael (Nacionalista Party)

For Councilor
1. Alit Alfredo (Independent)
2. Miguel Assud (Independent)
3. George Ballawig (PMP)
4. Vandeck Balut (Independent)
5. Bello Banggot (Independent)
6. Cipriano Basungit (Lakas Kampi CMD)
7. Juan Batoy (Independent)
8. Arnold Bayadang (Independent)
9. Edmundo Biangalen (Independent)
10. Rey Bucatan (Independent)
11. Lorenzo Carpio (Liberal Party)
12. Clark Chatoy (Nacionalista Party)
13. Cesar Corcha (Independent)
14. Jovelyn Depagon (Independent)
15. Albano Dumbab (Independent)
16. Romeo Fulig (Independent)
17. Celestino Gabit (Lakas Kampi CMD)
18. Benigno Gayadon, Jr. (Independent)
19. Arthur Gubia-on (Independent)
20. Silvestre Ilacad (Independent)
21. Walter Latawan (Independent)
22. Silvestre Lopez, Jr. (Independent)
23. Flora Maglia (Independent)
24. Benjamin Manat (Independent)
25. Patricio Opolinto (Independent)
26. Marjorie Oredina (Independent)
27. Salipada Pinangga (Independent)
28. Fernando Rafael (Independent)
29. Deres Salagma (Independent)
30. Edmund Siddayao (Independent)
31. Eduardo Sullay (Independent)
32. Amor Sumalag (Independent)
33. Emma Talawec (Lakas Kampi CMD)
34. Roy Tangbawan (Independent)
35. Marilyn Wanason (Independent)
36. Martin Wandag (Independent)


For Mayor
1. Donato Danglose (Lakas Kampi CMD)

For Vice-Mayor
1. Joseph Bernardez (NPC)
2. Avelino Tolean

For Councilor
1. Avelino Angel
2. Roman Bacog
3. Moises Baldo
4. Crisostomo Bayawa (Independent)
5. Ernesto Bondad
6. Luis Bosoen
7. Constancio Compalas
8. Dario Esden (Nacionalista Party)
9. Julius Licayo (NP)
10. Feliciano Liclic
11. Cedric Likigan
12. Venancio Lipawen
13. Enrique Litilit (Nacionalista Party)
14. Marcelino Lud-ayen
15. Pedro Magastino
16. George Sapdoy
17. Florencio Sudicalan (Nacionalista Party)
18. Alberto Yamoyam


For Mayor
1. Geraldo Akut, Jr. (Independent)
2. Arthur Agpad, (Independent)
3. Mary Fagto (Lakas Kampi CMD)
4. Gabino Ganggangan (Liberal Party)
5. Albert Limmayog (Nacionalista Party)

For Vice-Mayor
1. Joseph Apopot (Independent)
2. Laurence Farong-ey (Independent)

For Councilor
1. Patrick Agayyong (Independent)
2. Cesar Agcarao (Independent)
3. Moises Agmeyeng (Independent)
4. Benito Angyoda (Liberal Party)
5. Julio Anongos (Independent)
6. Roger Aron-ey (Independent)
7. Albert Ayao-ao (Nacionalista Party)
8. Mary Calaowa (Lakas Kampi CMD)
9. Lorenzo Chalutag (Independent)
10. Juliet Chinalpan (Liberal Party)
11. Marcial Chomenwey (Independent)
12. Moses Chopchopen (Liberal Party)
13. Wilburt Con-o (Lakas Kampi CMD)
14. Joseph Daguio (Lakas Kampi CMD)
15. Ben Fanguingas (Independent)
16. Basilio Falisong (Independent)
17. Alex Fallaweg (Independent)
18. Caranto Farao-as (Independent)
19. Roger Farcanao (Independent)
20. Farnie Fatawil (Lakas Kampi CMD)
21. Fred Filowan (Lakas Kampi CMD)
22. Cathrine Fiyao (Independent)
23. Angelo Fongafong (Independent)
24. Juanito Forafor (Independent)
25. John Fosawil, Jr. (Independent)
26. Maxima Ganggangan (Independent)
27. Jonathan Gayaman (Independent)
28. Manuel Gubaten (Independent)
29. Norman Guinayen (Independent)
30. George Kadatar (Independent)
31. John Awilan (Lakas Kampi)
32. Lucian Lassin (Independent)
33. Agcob Guingar (Independent)
34. Sawangan Likkab (Independent)
35. Francis Lumiseb (Independent)
36. Eusebio Magannon (Independent)
37. Fausto Morareng (Liberal Party)
38. Arthur Padawil (Independent)
39. Jonathan Panga-or (Liberal Party)
40. Zenaida Pangod (Liberal Party)
41. Alexander Pawi (Independent)
42. Corazon Petate (Independent)
43. Clayton Pong-eyen (Independent)
44. Filomena Saya-an (Liberal Party)
45. Avelino Tangkao (Independent)
46. Alfredo Tangkiao (Independent)
47. Roberto Ticag (Lakas Kampi CMD)
48. Vicente Ticag (Liberal Party)
49. Alice Tupao-i (Independent)
50. Amadita Wagayan (Independent)
51. Rudy Yakak (Independent)


For Mayor
1. Eduardo Latawan, Jr. (Lakas Kampi)
2. Francis Tauli (Independent)

For Vice-Mayor
1. Eduardo Guitelen (Lakas Kampi)
2. Jerry Ticag (Independent)
3. Richard Yodong (Independent)

For Councilor
1. Eugene Bacagan (Independent)
2. Francis Balisong (Independent)
3. Alfredo Batane (Lakas Kampi)
4. Venancio Baybay (Independent)
5. Reynald Cangbay (Independent)
6. Joseph Capuyan (Lakas Kampi)
7. Mario Capuyan (Independent)
8. Teofilo Carias (Independent)
9. Ernesto Dapliyan (Lakas Kampi)
10. Anastacio Domling (Independent)
11. Emiliano Dontogan (Lakas Kampi)
12. James Gao-ngen (Independent)
13. Kapon Gomgom-o (Nacionalista)
14. Eduardo Guitelen, Jr. (Independent)
15. Francis Kilongan (LDP)
16. Benjamin Kimmayong (Independent)
17. Valentine Lam-osen (Independent)
18. James Lawiyan (Independent)
19. Osenio Lay-os (Independent)
20. Dennis Lopez (Independent)
21. John Ngina (Independent)
22. Alfredo Padawil (Independent)
23. Moses Padayao (Nacionalista)
24. Regina Tambiac (Lakas Kampi)
25. Milton Tawali (Independent)


For Mayor
1. Febe Cawilan
2. Liberato Domingo
3. Anthony Wooden

For Vice-Mayor
1. Laurence Atipen
2. Joseph Cawilli (Nacionalista Party)
3. Denys Pecdaen

For Councilor
1. James Abadod
2. Belen Banga-an
3. Samuel Dao-ines
4. Raymundo Diwas
5. Arsenio Domede
6. Oscar Dulaycan
7. Charles Fadchal
8. Jun Laminta
9. Gilbert Lao-ay
10. Federico Matias
11. Ernesto Micklay
12. John Ngade
13. Primo Paladino
14. Edward Panisigan
15. Jose Pasan, Sr.
16. Alfonso Polan (Nacionalista Party)
17. Juan Sabling (Partido Liberal)
18. Tomas Tagtag
19. Uliver Turtem (LAKAS-CMD-KAMPI)

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